Highway Traffic Management System

ITSPE offers a comprehensive standards compliant highway traffic management solution that is powered by our proven Traffic Intelligence Server (TIS) platform. Using our browser based intuitive and user friendly GUI, highway managers can handle any traffic operations challenges that may arise along the highway. A built-in rule engine helps automate tasks, thereby reducing reaction time to incidents that may be extremely time critical.

ITSPE solution complies with the latest ATMS guidelines published by the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) and can be integrated with different hardware as per the project requirement. Our system can also be used to implement emerging technologies such as variable speed limits, ramp metering, driver assistance, virtual variable message boards, V2X, etc. The system also has an accident recording module where accident data can be recorded as per Indian Roads Congress (IRC) IRC:053 format, export of data in NHAI compliant reporting format and built-in accident risk modelling.

ITSPE provides HTMS/ATMS software along with key functions as an independent system or a fully fledged implementation of ATMS or custom traffic management for the stretch of a highway.

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