Outstation Transmission Unit

Outstation Transmission Unit (OTU) from ITSPE, brand named the Traffic Intelligence Module (TIM), is a compact programmable hardware platform designed for use along with existing traffic signal controllers. It comprises of a processor card and an I/O card. Users can describe their own traffic control logic scripts written in Lua or Python onto the processor. These scripts can access data from the traffic controller and detectors and drive outputs or send commands via the TIM I/O card. OTU can also be used as a local data logger to capture traffic data to its microSD card.

The OTU I/O card is available either with 8 inputs & 8 outputs or with 48 inputs and 16 outputs. The OTU unit is supplied with wiring looms to simplify its connection to the existing controller and it operates from the controller’s own internal power supply using less than 2W.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. Regardless of the unique nature of your traffic problem, TIM can help you achieve your goals.

A sample list of applications where TIM provides a cost-effective solution includes:

  • Bus priority and compensation

  • Customised VA logic

  • Control logic using input from advanced detectors providing more than vehicle presence data

  • User defined plan switching logic

  • Selective vehicle detection and priority

  • Custom logic for complex junctions

  • Traffic monitoring and real-time alerting