ITSPE has rich experience of working in various ITS projects across the globe. Having unique blend of being on both the sides of designing as well as deployment, enables us to provide realistic yet futuristic recommendations to our clients.

Our modellers help cities in creating realistic traffic simulation models for various types of requirements. We have worked on various microscopic as well as macroscopic simulation models project from cities across India, UK and USA for assisting in traffic planning and operations.

With the trained traffic engineers and software associates, ITSPE help asset cities and highway authorities reap the maximum out of the infrastructure by efficiently operating various ITS devices. ITSPE team has diverse experience of directly controlling management system and impacting travel patterns.

With the rise in population and increasing variability of the traffic patterns, it becomes imperative to conduct proper analysis of the various parameters which can impact traffic. Also, it is crucial to accurately predict traffic situation to plan for future in a better way. Our team of traffic engineers have experience of varied traffic analysis projects ranging from tolling, route rationalisation, city traffic, etc. which helps our clients to take appropriate actions.