Traffic Signal Controller

ITSPE provides a state-of-the-art traffic signal controller to manage traffic signal lights. Its Linux based platform provides advanced processing and storage capabilities and can support complex local optimisation algorithms. ITSPE controller has been designed keeping in mind the variable requirement of the cities across the globe and is capable of running user defined local control logic defined using Lua or Python programming languages.

ITSPE controller can interface with any kind of detector and has already been tested with physical loops, camera based virtual loops, advanced cameras, thermal detector, radars, laser sensors, etc. In addition to the legacy open-collector interface for detector, ITSPE controllers also provides TCP/IP or UDP interfacing with modern detectors and travel time data from online sources such as Google and TomTom.

ITSPE controller is designed in a manner to be upgraded to provide V2X functionality without addition of any major hardware. Our numerous deployments across Indian cities in heterogenous and heavily congested traffic conditions have resulted in more powerful algorithms to manage traffic in any diverse conditions.