MargDarshi is a traveller information platform available as a mobile app and a website. MargDarshi provides functionality such as multi-modal journey planning and public transport routes and schedule information enabling citizens to plan the journey across available travel modes. It also provides real-time information such as congestion, live status of buses, roadworks, accidents and incidents information affecting traffic, jam cams (live or cached feed from traffic cameras), virtual Variable Message Boards (VMS) and parking information. 

MargDarshi can also support multi-modal journeys with functionality such Park+Ride (P+R) and Kiss+Ride (K+R) and novel mobility paradigms such as Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) and Active Demand Management (ADM). Targeted messages can be pushed to individual users of MargDarshi app and travel demand patterns from users can be collected anonymously for better estimation of travel demand. Travel surveys can also be administered using the app. MargDarshi can thus be used to encourage citizens to use the road network in an efficient manner and make effective use of public and/or shared transport systems. For more details please refer to our brochure here.