Simulation Modelling

Microsimulation models simulate traffic systems such as roads, vehicles and pedestrians in great detail. Cities, road operating companies and consulting firms rely on simulation models to visualise and analyse the outcomes of alternate scenarios for making informed planning and operational decisions. Would a roundabout be better for traffic flow than a traffic light? What is the estimated emission reduction when a traffic light green wave is implemented? How can traffic be intelligently managed with traffic control systems? With microsimulation, such scenarios can be quantitatively and qualitatively evaluated for reliable decision-making.

ITSPE offers consultancy services for traffic simulation model creation and simulation based evaluation of scenarios, including the evaluation of complex ITS schemes. While we have delivered a number of such studies using SUMO software, we are software agnostic and we can deliver such services using the software of your choice. Please find out how our simulation modelling services can help you from this brochure.