As the name suggest, ReMo allows city to reinvent mobility by offering a highly customisable control layer with tight integration with various ITS systems such as ATC, Transit Management, Traveller Information System, etc. and enabling smooth data flow between each other.

ITSPE has designed a flexible and customisable transit management software to cater the varied requirements of the transit systems. It is embedded with multiple optimisation techniques making the system more efficient. It also provide user friendly GUI for ease of operations along with features to generate timetable, reports, swap buses, prevent bunching etc. at a simple click of button.

ITSPE offers one of the most advanced and extensible controllers in the market. Our controllers come with one of the fastest processors in the world to run complex traffic control strategies using advanced detection techniques. Our controllers can adapt to any custom traffic requirement making it easy to use in high traffic conditions.

It is an IoT enabled platform for assisting city in management of solid waste collection. The system provides authorities more visibility and control over the whole procedure including door to door collection, community bins collection, waste dumping, etc. as well it keeps citizens engaged by providing them notifications and taking feedback & complaints.

ITSPE has designed a advanced traveler information system to provide real time traffic and accidents information to the citizens along with the option to plan their journey with multiple modes of travelling options available. We have also clubbed our system with Demand Responsive Transport to enable shared transport enhancing mobility.

We offer a flexible and logically designed incident management system, which enables cities to better manage incidents using SOPs and also use analytics tool to identify incident behavior over the period of time. The traffic centered customised version called as TARS is also being offered by us.

ITSPE provide powerful OTU which can go on top of any controller and help deploy custom traffic control logic on top. It can help making basic controller to upgrade to ATC or more without complete redo of the signaling system. Our experience of deployment on top of various controllers in UK as well as in India helps us to quickly interface with most of the available controllers.