Area Traffic Control System

AI & ML enabled optimisation

Our Area Traffic Control System (ATCS) / Urban Traffic Control (UTC) is an intelligent system that is designed to dynamically respond to rapid variations in traffic conditions. It is an advanced system that can use data from a number of detector types and optimises the traffic signal timing in near real time. Adaptive algorithms in ATCS identify the critical junction on each corridor or region and determine the cycle time for all the junctions in the corridor or region based on the optimal cycle time for the critical junction. 

Multiple detector support

Our ATCS/UTC is designed to work with a number of detector types such as camera/video based detectors, Inductive Loop Detectors (ILD), magnetometers, Doppler radars, multi target tracking radars and thermal cameras.  The system estimates traffic demand based on detector input and identifies the traffic signal timings. The system can also make use of online traffic data sources such as travel time data from Google, TomTom, etc. for dynamic traffic signal control. 

Integrated traffic simulation

Our ATCS/UTC system is integrated with a traffic micro-simulation tool. It dynamic updates traffic simulation models for each group/region based on near-real-time traffic detector data, thereby creating a digital twin. ATCS/UTC has the facility to incorporate incident related information. The incident module in ATCS/UTC is also linked with the traffic models so that a simulation based what-if analysis can be carried out for planned traffic incidents and disruptions, such as roadworks.

Proven solution

The ATCS/UTC system is in use at a number of cities in India over the last four years. To know more please refer to the brochure here.