Our ATCS empowers cities to run their traffic signals efficiently with minimal human intervention. The system uses advanced model-based optimisation working in conjunction with online simulation models when accurate traffic count data are available and heuristic control algorithms when data quality is lower. The system is designed to work using a number of detector types such as Inductive Loop Detectors (ILD), magnetometers, video based detectors, thermal camera based detectors, Doppler radars and multi-target tracking traffic radars, in addition to using online data sources such as mobile phone data from telecom operators and travel times from companies such as Google and TomTom.

We offer a next generation transit management system for cities and states. Our system can be used to create and/or optimise transit routes and schedules and manage public transport operations.

A unique offering from ITSPE, we look at mobility as a whole across all travel modes available in a city and provide a bespoke Integrated Transport Management Solution (ITMS) on our Traffic Intelligence Server (TIS) platform using individual ITS systems. ITMS on the TIS platform will act as a control layer for multiple ITS systems such as Transit, Signalling, Passenger Information Systems and other ITS systems to improve the efficiency and reliability of private, public & shared transport modes.

We offer a Highway Traffic Management System (HTMS)/Advanced Traffic Management System (ATMS) for managing traffic on inter-urban highways. Our solution will provide seamless operation of all the ITS components deployed on the highway for reducing congestion and improving safety. Our solution also provides standards based information exchange with external systems and with the travelling public.

Our Solid Waste Management (SWM) system, Curat, provides a flexible and modular way to optimise and manage the waste collection process in urban areas. The system uses IoT based sensors and software, for improving waste collection efficiency, and encourages citizen participation to keep their house and city clean.