Use our ITMS platform, ReMO, also referred to as traffic command control platform is designed for cities to reinvent mobility. It integrate all transport related sub-systems and provide a holistic mobility solution. The platform provides the range of functions for planning, operating and analysing a multimodal transport system.

ReMo provides seamless data flowing between various ITS system deployed across the city such ATCS, Transit, Passenger Information Systems, Journey Planner, Travel Time, Enforcement, etc. The advanced machine learning based data fusion would collaborate data from multiple sensors deployed across the city as well as online sources to formulate multimodal transport demand and come up with apt mobility management including impacting driver behavior patterns.

To manage the day to day operations of the city traffic, ReMO is provided along with customisable rule engine, situations module for accidents and events, vehicle tracking, asset management, maintenance & service request and user management modules. These modules are refined after gathering feedbacks from multiple smart cities and technical institutions. 

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