Traffic Analytics

With increased availability of data from a number of sources such as traffic detectors, CCTV cameras, traffic signals, GPS, Bluetooth and information from social media platforms and mobile operators, there is an increased opportunity to make use of that data to model and analyse transport systems, do what-if analyses and find ways to improve efficiency. We provide consultancy services in a number of areas ranging from traditional to bleeding edge, such as:

  • Traffic impact studies

  • Travel demand estimation

  • Signal timing review and optimisation

  • Road safety audits

  • Parking studies

  • Public transport network design and optimisation

Traffic Impact Studies

Traffic impact studies address questions such as What impact will the additional traffic generated by a proposed development have on the surrounding road network? Will the development have a safe pedestrian access from neighboring streets? Will the new development require changes to public transport routes or schedules? We create traffic models for before and after scenarios so that the scenarios can be compared and analysed quantitatively using the model output and visual outputs for comparisons. This can be used to make data driven decisions and changes to the design before the development is built.

Travel demand estimation

How many people want to travel from one part of the city to another? When do they plan to travel? Which travel modes are people willing to use? How many people can be expected to use a new bus route that is planned? How is the demand expected to evolve over the next decade? These are some of the questions that can travel demand estimation can answer. Our experienced team can built travel demand models to help cities plan their future transport infrastructure.

Signal timing review and optimisation

We will review the operation of traffic signals and determine their level of efficiency based on travel time and congestion. In addition, our experienced team can propose changes to signal operations, such as the following.

  • Appropriate stage definitions and stage orders for different times of the day

  • Appropriate stage durations based on the time of the day and day of the week

  • Advice regarding signal operation modes, such as fixed time, adaptive and blink modes, during different times

Road safety audit

Road Safety Audit is a systematic process for checking and identifying design and build deficiencies on roads from a safety perspective. Our traffic engineering team will carry out physical audits during day and night times to identify safety issues and recommend remedial measures. We provide our output in a GIS format with photo and video evidence so that our findings are fact based and verifiable. We can also experimentally provide recurrent safety audits based on video analytics.

Parking studies

Parking studies are performed to determine location, use and adequacy of existing parking facilities. Information can also be gathered for planning parking facilities. Normally, such studies are concerned with specific problem areas and are made with a view to improve parking related efficiency and safety.

Public transport network design and optimisation

An efficiently designed and operated public transport system is key to managing congestion in cities. Our team of experienced traffic engineers can estimate public transport demand based on overall travel demand and mode choice estimation and help cities update their public transport routes and schedules. Such exercises are recommended at least once every decade and while undertaking major transport infrastructure projects such as building of Metro lines or BRT systems. We have a track record of helping Hyderabad and Kochi review and update their public transport networks for post-metro scenarios.