Incident Management System

Our Incident Management System can be used to manage information about accidents, roadworks and events that affect the traffic. It is a web-based solution that can be deployed on the cloud or on physical servers in the control room. The highly flexible nature of the model enables it to be used for varied end-users.

The traffic accident focused version of the system (also know as TARS) enables authorities to investigate capture accident related information. Data needed for forensic accident analysis such as sketches, photos and videos can be uploaded to the system in addition to structured data as per the IRC standard. The system outputs IRC summary reports of accidents and provides an out-of-the-box risk model, enabling the client to identify accident prone road sections where accidents are more likely to happen and take proactive corrective actions.

The system can also interact with external systems and disseminate planned roadwork data to mobile apps in a standard compliant data format. 

Please find the product brochure here.