ITSPE is lead by a team of highly experienced professionals in the transport sector.

Dr Rajesh Krishnan

Dr Rajesh Krishnan is the CEO of ITS Planners and Engineers. He has expertise in a number of traffic technology areas, including traffic management and control, traffic sensing, traveller information, transport modelling and IT systems for transport. He has been involved with a number of cutting-edge ITS projects, working closely with academia and local government agencies in the UK. Rajesh has a PhD from Imperial College London and is an alumnus of Indian Institute of Technology - Madras. He is a regular speaker at academic and industrial traffic technology events and is an author of more than 25 academic publications. Rajesh is an Honorary Research Fellow at the Centre for Transport Studies, Imperial College London.

Dr Mark Pleydell

Dr Pleydell has worked in the road traffic sector for over 15 years and has extensive experience in marketing,  specification, design, development and promotion of technology solutions for Road Traffic Control and ITS, gained through close working with UK local authorities. He has managed the development programme for a portfolio of R&D projects and has provided technical lead to traffic and ITS programmes. He has a thorough understanding of the technologies and systems available to deliver ITS and traffic control solutions and is well connected with the traffic community both through users, academia and equipment and service suppliers. He has a bachelor's degree in Physics from the University of Bath and a PhD from the University of Bournemouth. Mark is also a Chartered Physicist in the UK.

Rajesh Gogineni

Rajesh Gogineni has over 9 years experience in delivering and leading ITS and Transportation Planning work. He has substantial experience in ITS systems (standards, design and implementation) for different ITS systems, ticketing systems, public transport tracking systems, enforcement, Automatic Incident Detection, tunnel management (inc. SCADA) and monitoring systems, telecommunications and systems integration needs.