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Traffic Intelligence Server

Traffic Intelligence Server (TIS) is a server based ITS solution from ITSPE that is designed to give power and flexibility to traffic managers in traffic operations and management. TIS can read real-time data from a wide array of ITS devices: vehicle and pedestrian detectors, traffic cameras and UTC and UTMC products. Moreover, adapters can be built on demand to from a wide variety of ITS sensors and systems. Regardless of the nature of your current ITS assets, TIS can be integrated into them to maximise the value from your existing investment. 

At the heart of TIS is a flexible and powerful rule-engine. Traffic managers can define strategies and control measures to deal with traffic patterns detected by their sensing infrastructure. Successful strategies can be developed based on modelling or prior experience, and deployed on the real-world using TIS no matter how complex they are. The strategies can be used to influence traffic using a number of ITS devices such as signals, VMS devices, ramp metering devices and traffic information dissemination channels in a coordinated fashion.

TIS customers also have the option to deploy a number of custom modules. These include bus priority, emergency vehicle priority, fault monitoring, asset management and a traffic data archival and analysis module. This is by no means an exhaustive list.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements, no matter how big or small.